CPD Conference

This conference has two main aims: to present and consolidate current thought and evidence on the role of the home in promoting and sustaining health -both personal health and the health of society at large; and to promote future evidence-based discourse and policy-making.

The home -a concept universally experienced, permeating every aspect of our lives- yet at the same time an entity of which the influence on health and wellbeing is poorly understood.

This conference aims to bring together anyone interested in the role of the home in health and disease. International experts will review and discuss the evidence base that links the home with physical and emotional health. Delegates will find opportunities to forge future collaborations to understand and disseminate the influence of this most basic building block of our society.

 This conference will be of interest to those involved in public health, social care, policy making and healthcare professionals wishing to add context to the role of the home in preventing or causing illnesses that they help manage.

The conference will be organized into 4 main strands with 4 keynote speeches, panels and workshops: