CPD Conference

This conference has two main aims: to present and consolidate current thought and evidence on the role of the home in promoting and sustaining health -both personal health and the health of society at large; and to promote future evidence-based discourse and policy-making.

The home -a concept universally experienced, permeating every aspect of our lives- yet at the same time an entity of which the influence on health and wellbeing is poorly understood.

This conference aims to bring together anyone interested in the role of the home in health and disease. International experts will review and discuss the evidence base that links the home with physical and emotional health. Delegates will find opportunities to forge future collaborations to understand and disseminate the influence of this most basic building block of our society.

 This conference will be of interest to those involved in public health, social care, policy making and healthcare professionals wishing to add context to the role of the home in preventing or causing illnesses that they help manage.

The conference will be organized into 4 main strands with 4 keynote speeches, panels and workshops:

The home in the early years

This strand will present data and discuss how the home supports intellectual development, the acquisition of good health and social habits and serves as the platform for which growth can be based.

The role of the home in society

How does the home support society at large? Does society really benefit from having homes? What is the difference between a home and a roof over one's head? Is the promotion of healthy home life essential for a healthy society and why?

The home as a place to age

Care of older people and those with disabilities has never been more topical, yet western society is perplexed at how to deal with this challenge. Ever more demographic pressures continue to further stretch overburdened health and social care systems.

The home, supporting health through nutrition

With the health food industry now rivalling big brands in its economic might, we take a step back and review some evidence backing good nutrition. The role of the food in health and how to help put this knowledge into practice.




Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE

Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE, is Chairman and Founding Director of Home Renaissance Foundation, Chair of the Low Pay Commission and Chairman of Florence Nightingale Foundation. He has previously been Managing Director of BP, Chairman of BUPA and Standard Chartered Bank. He also helped establish the Learning and Skills Council as its first Chairman. He is a former Trustee of The Economist and served as Vice Chairman of the Court of Governors at London School of Economics.

Scientific Committee

Lord Richard Best

Lord Richard Best chairs the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications, co-chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People, chairs the Council of The Property Ombudsman, co-chairs the Home Office’s Landlords Consultative Group and the Empty Homes Group of the APPG on Housing and Planning. He has been President of the Local Government Association and Chair of Hanover Housing Association. He was previously chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and, before that, the National Housing Federation. Currently he is preparing to pilot the Homelessness Reduction Private Member’s Bill through the House of Lords.

Prof. Sir Harry Burns

Sir Harry Burns is Professor of Global Public Health at Strathclyde University and was previously Chief Medical Officer for Scotland. He graduated in Medicine at the University of Glasgow and went on to become Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. Working with patients in the east end of the city gave him an insight into the complex inter-relationships between social and economic status and illness.
In 2011, he received a Knighthood in the Queen´s Birthday Honours and in 2014 was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament for Public Service.

Prof. Rosa María Lastra

Rosa Lastra is Professor in International Financial and Monetary Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary, University of London. She is a member of Monetary Committee of the International Law Association (MOCOMILA), a founding member of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee (ESFRC), a senior research associate of the Financial Markets Group of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an affiliated scholar of the Centre for the Study of Central Banks at New York University School of Law. She has consulted with various governmental and intergovernmental institutions.

Dr. Luigi Camporota

Dr. Camporota is a Consultant in intensive care medicine at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. He is also an honorary senior lecturer in critical care at the Asthma, Allergy & Lung Biology Division of King’s College London.
Luigi collaborates with industry and grant-funded clinical trials and supports multicentre CLRN/NIHR trials. His areas of expertise include respiratory failure, advanced mechanical ventilation, haemodynamic monitoring and extracorporeal membrance oxygenation (ECMO). He has a PhD from Southampton University.

Dr. Matthew J. Knight

Dr. Knight is a Consultant at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, having trained as a doctor at London's Royal Free Hospital and completed a postgraduate at the North West Thames Respiratory Training programme and gained a PGCert in Allergy Medicine at Imperial College. His particular field is the investigation and management of difficult to control asthma. He has a specialist interest in pleural diseases and is working on the setting up of a new cardiopulmonary exercise testing service. Dr. Knight is actively involved with the provision of the Sleep medicine, lung cancer, Interstitial lung disease, bronchoscopy and COPD community services.

Dr. Robert Boyle

Dr. Boyle is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy, St Mary's Campus. He was appointed to Imperial College London as NIHR Clinical Lecturer in 2007, Clinical Senior Lecturer in 2009, and Director of the Paediatric Research Unit from 2013. Dr. Boyle's Paediatric Research Unit is a specialist Clinical Research Facility for Studies of Children and Young People. He was commissioned by the UK Food Standards Agency to undertake the evidence that dietary exposures during pregnancy or infancy are linked to allergic diseases. He is Deputy Co-ordinating Editor for the Cochrane Skin Group, a Co-Editor for Clinical and Experimental Allergy and Deputy Director of the ICL Allergy MSc program.

Dr. Michela Piredda

Dr. Piredda is Assistant Professor in Nursing Science at the University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma. She gained extensive clinical experience as a Registered Nurse there for a number of years, developing an interest in clinical nursing research, specialising in the field of oncology. She went on to complete a Masters in Nursing Research at King’s College London.
Dr. Piredda gained a PhD in Nursing Science on nursing care dependence and has researched and published extensively about nursing topics, in particular cancer nursing. She was made a Research Fellow at the Centre of Excellence of Nursing Culture and Research in 2011.

Dr. Enrique Rojas

Enrique Rojas is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Spanish Institute of Psychiatric Research in Madrid. He is a visiting professor at the New York University and Associate Professor at IEBusiness School in Madrid. He is also the President of the Rojas-Etape Foundation, set up in 2009. He received the Prize for Outstanding Work in Psychiatry, the Conde de Cartagena Award from the Royal Academy of Medicine in Madrid for his research work on depression and in 1995 he was named Humanist Doctor of the Year by the Spanish Ministry of Health. In 2004 he received the Boehringer Ingelheim prize for medical journalism.

Speakers & Panels

Keynotes Speakers

Prof. Sir Harry Burns

Professor of Global Public Health at Strathclyde University and was previously Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.
A nurturing family: the basis of a successful life

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Prof. Sheila the Baroness Hollins

Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins is an independent cross bench life peer in the House of Lords and Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry of Disability at St George's University of London.
A true home is a gift 'beyond words'

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Dr. Timothy S. Harlan

Dr. Timothy S. Harlan M.D. is Associate Dean for Clinical Operations of Tulane University School of Medicine; Executive Director, Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine | Translating 30 Years of Nutrition Research for Your Kitchen: How the Mediterranean Diet Can Transform Your Health

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Prof. Elizabeth Robb OBE

Prof. Robb is an independent healthcare consultant and Non Executive Director and was previously Director of Nursing and Deputy Chief Executive at North West London Hospitals NHS Trust.
Healthy family relationships

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Panel Speakers

Panel 1: The home as a place to age

Panelists will be speaking about how to build a better home life for older people with experts covering a wide range of topics including practical ways of making the home safer and more accessible and the social aspects of providing companionship and respectful proxy decision-making to address an ailing relative's needs. The panel will examine the varying types of dementia and unfair social stigma associated with mental illness and look at technological advancements to aid long-term health conditions as well as the financial options to cover care costs while remaining at home.

Prof. Rosa María Lastra

Rosa Lastra is Professor in International Financial and Monetary Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary, University of London

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    Lord Richard Best

    Lord Richard Best chairs the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications and co-chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People

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      Joe Oldman

      Joe Oldman is Policy Advisor for Age UK, the UK´s largest charity working with older people

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        Prof. E. Philip Davis

        Prof. E. Philip Davis, National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

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          Panel 2: Sustaining health of children and promoting children’s emotional development

          Panelists will discuss global and national initiatives to support child health and development, and summarise evidence that home-based interventions can improve long term health and emotional outcomes in young people and their families. Experts drawn from the fields of child public health, perinatal psychiatry, nutrition, sociology and lactation support will discuss recent and future priorities for supporting infants, young children and their families in the home.

          Dr. Robert Boyle

          Dr. Boyle is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy, St Mary's Campus.

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            Renata Kaczmarska

            Renata Kaczmarska is a Social Affairs Officer with the United Nations.

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              Dr. Enrique Rojas

              Dr. Enrique Rojas is Director of the Spanish Institute of Psychiatric Research in Madrid.

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                Dr. José Víctor Orón

                Dr. Orón is a researcher in Mind-Brain Group at University of Navarra.

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                  Thursday 16th November

                  9:15 - 10:00

                  Registration & Coffee

                  10:00 - 10:15

                  Introduction by HRF Chairman

                  Bryan Sanderson CBE

                  10:15 - 11:15

                  Plenary and Q&A

                  Prof. Sir Harry Burns

                  A nurturing family: the basis of a successful life

                  11:30 - 12:45

                  Panel Discussion

                  Chair: Prof. Rosa Lastra

                  The Home as a place to age

                  Panelists: Lord Best, Joe Oldman, Prof. Philip Davis

                  12:45 - 14:15

                  Buffet Lunch & Coffee

                  14:15 - 15:15

                  Plenary and Q&A

                  Prof. Elizabeth Robb OBE

                  Healthy family relationships

                  15:15 - 16:30


                  1. Home: Care of the Vulnerable

                  2. Home and Society

                  Research paper presentations

                  Friday 17th November

                  9:30 - 10:00

                  Registration & Coffee

                  10:00 - 11:00

                  Plenary and Q&A

                  Baroness Sheila Hollins

                  A true home is a gift 'beyond words'

                  11:15 - 12:30


                  1. Home and Health

                  2. Educating the home and work-life balance

                  Research paper presentations

                  12:30 - 14:00

                  Buffet Lunch & Coffee

                  14:00 - 15:00

                  Plenary and Q&A

                  Dr. Timothy S. Harlan

                  Translating 30 Years of Nutrition Research for Your Kitchen: How the Mediterranean Diet Can Transform Your Health

                  15:15 - 16:30

                  Panel Discussion

                  Chair: Prof. Robert Boyle

                  Sustaining health of children and promoting children’s emotional development

                  Panelists: Renata Kaczmarska, Dr. Enrique Rojas, Dr. José Victor Orón


                  Closing remarks by HRF Chairman

                  Bryan Sanderson CBE




                  Workshops & Programme

                  The call for papers is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. We received submissions from more than 15 countries. The shortlisted papers can be found here. We hope they help to pave the way to a healthier society.

                  • Home: Care of the Vulnerable

                  • Taking care of children with severe disabilities at home by Aleksandra Kroll
                  • The aging of the parents in the home of an adult with disability by Horacio Joffre Galibert
                  • Perceptions and expectations of elderly people about residential care facilities by Gabriella Facchinetti
                  • From Care in the Home to the Transformation of Other Care Environments in Homes by Remei Agulles, Consuelo León and Belén Zárate
                  • Home and Society

                  • The professional Spirit in serving others by Almudena Lago and Ana Mucientes
                  •  Responsible citizenship and our common home by Maria Rosaria Brizi
                  • Saving home from the pitfalls of the home, through homing by Paolo Boccagni
                  • The home: purpose, function, work and care by Antonio Argandoña
                  • Home more than a primer for citizenship by Anne Zahra
                  • Predominant home problems encountered by selected high school students in relation to academic performance by Anna Marie Barroga
                  • Home and Health

                  • Technology and inactivity; Overcoming sedentary behaviour in the home through design interventions by Florence N. Nwankwo
                  • The home in the early years; Home as an environment for healthy growth by Cristina Costa and Asunción Esteve
                  • Unsafe food handling in families suffering from food poverty by Naheili Greaves Fernández


                  • Achieving a place of nurture: Educating the home and work-life balance

                  • Homage to The Home; Creative Disruption and The On-Demand Economy by Teresita Abay Krueger
                  • Working from home: a double-edged sword by Kathleen Farrell
                  • Homemaking as a vehicle for fulfillment and happiness by Mary Hunt
                  • Singapore: Developing life skills and changing mindsets about and through work in the home by Audrey Tan

                  Conference Programme

                  Registration & Venue

                  Conference days: 16th & 17th November 2017

                  Location: The Royal Society of Medicine, London

                  1 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 0AE


                  Delegate Price: £365

                  Early Bird Registration before 30th June 2017: £299

                  With a promotional code, registration before 30th September: £330

                  Paper Givers Price: £183

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